No Doubt! It’s Your Project, But More Of Our Concern

PortalS is an Information Technology company focused on driving end value productivity and societal technology development across the people, business process and technical approach.


We are always here to address any of your common problems or answer your questions.

Data Migration

Need switching to a new host account? Lets help you with that anytime.


Integrated Services

Already have a domain name & seeking to host or integrate other apps? It’s not a problem.


Timely Support

Seeking to succeed on the web? Our in-house network has got your back.


What We Do

We are set to organise and support the way individuals/businesses choose to be visible online, as well as create alternative and dependable solutions that bests fit our stakeholders numerous needs.

We design the web, we host and we secure! So let’s get your project started with. Portalshost is a project of PortalS, created to enable us manage our client projects online via providing high-scaled hosting platform for our numerous clients.


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